Guide to Climate Change Adaptation Project Preparation

Publication date: 

Aug 2017


USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific



The USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific produces the “Guide to Climate Change Adaptation Project Preparation” to assist government and non-government agencies at all scales in preparing bankable climate change adaptation proposals to access various sources of financing. 

Moving from a concept to a funded project is a technical process that requires specific skills and a careful structuring of data and information. Different financiers have separate application procedures, and their templates are structured and phrased differently. Developing a project proposal is a significant undertaking and there is a great deal of competition for funds. Organizing your information and developing a list of what you need for your proposal will not only facilitate the proposal development process, but will help you create a more bankable application that is more likely to be funded.  

This guide distills lessons learned from mentoring experiences, and provides common elements in project proposal documents, project design, and implementation arrangements. It is suggested to answer the end-of-chapter question as a way of digesting the information in the chapter.