Gender and Climate Change Adaptation: A flexible training package implemented by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development

Publication date: 

Jul 2017


USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific, ICCCAD



The training package is a standalone capacity building program targeted at government officials and climate change practitioners, focusing on integrating gender into climate change adaptation (CCA) practices.

This course was developed in collaboration with the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)—based at the Independent University, Bangladesh. USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific and ICCCAD share the same interest in promoting incorporation of gender considerations into CCA policies, programs and project development throughout Asia and the Pacific.

This training package is designed to be a flexible series of modules on gender and climate change that can be applied in various short courses and workshops delivered by ICCCAD. It aims to provide international climate change practitioners with case studies and practical knowledge on how gender relates to CCA and how gender considerations can be incorporated into CCA policies, strategies and project proposals. The package consists of instructional modules and support material, including:

In addition, USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific has produced a Sourcebook for Integrating Gender in Climate Change Adaptation Proposals and has provided assistance to integrate gender considerations into a number of CCA projects around the region.

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