First Annual Forum Proceedings

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Jun 2012


ADAPT Asia-Pacific

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The ADAPT Asia-Pacific 1st Annual Forum was convened to facilitate access to international climate change adaptation fund allocations by governments in the Asia-Pacific region. The Forum provided a platform for discussion on financing climate change adaptation, available adaptation funds and access to capacity building and technical assistance. The ADAPT Asia-Pacific 1st Annual Forum also facilitated the building of partnerships for mutual benefit and knowledge sharing.

The ADAPT Asia-Pacific 1st Annual Forum was held as a side-event to the Asia-Pacific Adaptation Forum (APAN) 2012 ‘Mainstreaming Adaptation into Development: ADAPTATION in ACTION’ which provided additional opportunities to learn about the latest climate change adaptation work in Asia and the Pacific and to build a network with the larger adaptation community.

In this final report for the ADAPT Asia-Pacific 1st Annual Forum we review the proceedings and the key outcomes. We also highlight some of the main points within the highly productive presentations and discussions.