What We Do

The principal objective of ADAPT Asia-Pacific is to establish a fully functional and self-sustaining adaptation project preparation facility that will not only support preparation of specific projects, but also build the capacity of the region’s governments to independently access climate adaptation funds.  To establish a sustainable project preparation facility, ADAPT Asia-Pacific works closely with funding organizations and government agencies from countries across the region in focused activities in four key areas:

  1. Knowledge Sharing Platform. ADAPT Asia-Pacific works in close coordination with Asia-Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) as the regional knowledge sharing platform to disseminate information on adaptation-related topics.
  2. Annual Forum. Held in a different country each year, the ADAPT Asia-Pacific Annual Forum brings adaptation funds and project proponents together and establish the forum as a key mechanism in Asia and the Pacific for facilitating access to funding opportunities.
  3. Capacity Building Program. Based on our project identification and screening process, ADAPT Asia-Pacific provides the training necessary to develop in-country skills to prepare sound adaptation projects for financing.
  4. Project Preparation and Finance. ADAPT Asia-Pacific identifies potential project proponents and mobilizes teams of highly-skilled project preparation and technical specialists on an as-needed basis to help create bankable projects.