Regional Knowledge Sharing for Climate Change Adaptation

Regionally-focused knowledge sharing products and tools

Overall objective to this task is to develop a regional web-based knowledge sharing platform that will meet priority information needs of adaptation practitioners on project preparation and capacity building activities.

Our strategic approach will be based on the following key elements:

  • Supporting APAN as the regional knowledge sharing platform partner;
  • Providing information about the adaptation funds and how they can be accessed (a compendium of funding sources)
  • Promoting exchange of best practices, model projects, procedural guidelines for available funding opportunities; and
  • Facilitating networking among the adaptation practitioners in the region.

Background: Access to information is the challenge at heart faced by developing countries in financing adaptation projects. Critical information and knowledge gaps in the region include: a) most climate change modeling and projections are only available at the global or regional levels, leaving the climate impacts at the local level still uncertain; b) as the new architecture for global adaptation funding is still emerging, the requirements needed for future adaptation projects remain largely unclear; and c) as the incremental climate benefits are often difficult to separate from the effects in traditional development projects, eligibility for adaptation funding has not be well-defined.

Regional Knowledge Sharing Platform Activities