Project Preparation and Finance

Rapid technical assistance for adaptation project preparation

Overall objective of this task is to identify project preparation gaps and rapidly mobilize teams of highly-skilled sector specialists to assist governments across the region in developing adaptation project proposals for climate change adaptation funding.

Our strategic approach will be based on the following key elements:

  • Identifying and tracking potential adaptation projects or project components in the target countries;
  • Deploying targeted technical assistance at key stages of the project cycle;
  • Replicating policies and best practices in adaptation projects through twinning partnerships; and
  • Tracking project successes and sharing them through the knowledge sharing platform

Background: Climate change adaptation funds have highly specific requirements for project preparation that require a multi-disciplinary team of experienced specialists often not available within a technical government agency (such as environmental economists in an infrastructure agency). Adaptation funds may also be available from unexpected sources, such as grant funded projects by multilateral development banks. In addition, funding agencies generally fail to capture the positive experiences of project proponents that have successfully prepared adaptation projects and disseminate the lessons learned to other countries. Finally, highly trained government agency officials that have the skills necessary to prepare proposals for adaptation projects are often transferred within the agency making these staff unavailable for project preparation. Through rapid assessments of project preparation requirements for funding institutions and consultations with potential project proponents, ADAPT Asia-Pacific will identify project preparation capacity gaps and niche opportunities in participating countries. Where there is interest in preparing adaptation projects by both national agencies and funding organizations, ADAPT Asia-Pacific will rapidly mobilize an interdisciplinary expert team to provide technical assistance in developing a project proposal that satisfies various requirements imposed in order to apply to the funding source. The technical assistance may focus on one segment of an adaptation proposal (risk, socio-economic, environmental impact assessment, feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis, incorporating climate-proof components, etc.) or a combination of the above that are necessary to secure the climate funding.

Project Preparation and Finance Activities

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