Annual Forum

A great platform for dialogues among stakeholders

Overall objective of this task is to facilitate dialogues between adaptation project proponents from the target countries and adaptation fund managers. The Annual Forums will enhance understanding of available climate funding resources and the associated requirements for accessing them.

Our strategic approach will be based on the following key elements:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with fund managers as key stakeholders;
  • Facilitating discussions between fund managers and climate change adaptation project proponents (development marketplace);
  • Discussing challenges and finding options;
  • Building capacity through targeted technical assistance activities; and
  • Identifying and supporting adaptation champions.

Background: A major barrier to rapidly mobilizing adaptation funds is the lack of a common platform for fund managers and project proponents to explore possible projects, learn from each other, and identify capacity strengthening needs. ADAPT Asia-Pacific Annual Forums aim to provide discussion sessions, trainings and an innovative face-to-face "development marketplace." Development marketplace will enable fund managers and project proponents to share information and ideas related to potential "bankable" projects. With ADAPT Asia-Pacific serving as the facilitator of matchmaking, project proponents can "pitch" their projects, and fund managers can accept or possibly offer advices on improvements.

Annual Forum Activities