The 7th Exchange Series on Climate Financing: E-Discussion Report


12 March, 2015 to 27 March, 2015

Task area: 

  • Regional knowledge sharing platform

The 7th APAN Exchange was raised by Dr. Peter King on 12 Mar 2015 to engage the APAN climate change adaptation community in Asia and the Pacific. The Exchange period lasted approximately two weeks (12 Mar 2015 – 27 Mar 2015).

Dr. King is the Adaptation Project Preparation and Finance Team Leader for the USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific project. He is also the Senior Policy Advisor at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Regional Centre based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Exchange Series on Climate Change Adaptation is facilitated by APAN Knowledge Management Team and supported by the USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific project. The team moderates the exchanges and ensures that members receive a maximum of one email a day. Messages posted reflect the personal views of the contributors and not the positions of their organizations.

If you have any additional information related to the topic that you would like to share, or any other inputs, including suggestions to improve this Exchange, please email them to:

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